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Impala Plastics is Australia’s original, most widely tested and comprehensive quality accredited AS/NZ ISO 9001:2015 specialist manufacturer of plastic core trays & we are proud to work in close cooperation with Westernex the preferred industry supplier with an extensive branch network in Australia & overseas. Our trays are made from either highly specified UV Stabilized Reinforced Polypropylene for warmer climates or High Density Polyethylene for cold environments as low as minus 70 degrees centigrade (we use all scrap internally so do not generate waste plastic product ending up in landfill).

Impala has over many years set up to provide solutions for  exploration core trays, plastic core boxes, drill core trays, core sample storage, mineral sample trays or core sample trays

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With all applications covered by either the original Impala 1 launched in early 1994 over 27 years ago then followed the Impala 2 then more recent innovations the Impala 3 / Impala 4 core trays being the smoothest conveyor trays on the market & most recently our best tray to date being the Impala 5 the result of over 27 years experience in making core trays. Because all styles of core tray feature different attributes we can offer solutions for every possible core storage requirement having gained a wealth of technical expertise in this area. All core trays have been designed to provide significant benefits over traditional metal core trays – no sharp edges, non-magnetic & chemically inert, impervious to sulphide’s and non-corroding. Impala’s plastic core trays are available in high visibility white, grey or black for less glare when photographing the core samples and all styles come with a complete range of core markers to complement the respective core trays.

Impala Plastics supply many leading mining companies, select mine procurement and mineral exploration teams with plastic core trays, both locally & internationally, that are designed to meet consistent high standards. Our core trays have proved there longevity in the field and we have embarked on a complete machinery replacement program over the past 5 years and upgrading / duplication of our tooling so we can guarantee ongoing supply in large volumes.

The design and high quality of materials used in our core trays results in lightweight nesting / stacking core trays that are also very robust & reduces storage. In addition the trays are manufactured from prime virgin material & UV protected giving longer life in the field. We do not use re-processed material as this results in a deterioration of physical properties causing premature failure of the trays.

Our commitment to new customers

We have established many good working relationships on a local and international basis with leading mining / procurement companies built on supply of high quality trays to scheduled lead-times and welcome all potential new business. Contact us to find out more – Toolroom

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