Plastic Core Trays Impala 1 Nesting trays ideal for export

The Impala core tray has all the obvious benefits of a plastic core tray – No sharp edges, non-magnetic & chemically inert, impervious to sulphide’s, UV stable, non-corroding & very smooth on roller conveyors. Available in high visibility white or trays may also be ordered in black for less glare when photographing the core. A unique nesting design that reduces the freight cost and improves ease of use underground where space is limited. The nesting feature also facilitates improved transportation to site and reduces transit damage particularly in remote locations. The tray has also been designed for pallet stacking where bulk storage is required. When stacking the core tray locates on the core in the tray beneath and there are a range of blocks that may be inserted in the tray, for supporting the tray above, where the core is soft or has been split. (These blocks may also be used as dividers as required)

Impala 1 Plastic Core TrayDesign and polypropylene material used create a lightweight nesting core tray that is also very robust. In addition the trays are UV protected, giving longer life in the field. All the major sizes are available (See Diamond Core Chart) – BQ, NQ2, HQ & PQ in 1000mm for clear 1 meter runs of core – BQ, NQ2, HQ are also available in 800mm lengths for reduced weight. There is also a BQ700mm available for underground applications. All Impala 1 core trays were designed for maximum core storage per tray.

Benefits of using Plastic Core Trays

Summary of benefits when using plastic over metal core trays are as follows :

  • The trays have no sharp edges resulting in less work related injuries due to unnecessary cuts – so potential reduction in down time.
  • The trays are non-magnetic and therefore inert when testing for magnetic susceptibility.
  • The trays are chemically inert and therefore impervious to attack by Sulphides so no more picking up metal core trays that fall apart due to ongoing corrosion experienced with metal trays therefore retention of valuable core samples over longer periods of time becomes a reality not a gamble. View a photo of a corroded metal tray.
  • Marking of the tray with paint pen to ID the hole may be easily achieved on all 4 sides for easy reading whether the trays are palletized or racked. View photo of marked trays.
  • The trays may be made in black if required allowing far better contrast and reduction in glare when photographing the core.
  • A range of core support blocks are available for BQ, NQ, HQ & PQ trays so when splitting the core for Analysis it is still possible to pallet stack the trays by inserting blocks where required. View photo.
  • The trays are UV stabilized and have a long track record of field exposure to sun with continued satisfactory performance. View photo.
  • The trays allow 2 hands per end or side grip via finger holds that run around the tray resulting in easier / safer manual transport of full trays from A to B & removal from racking without wrist strain. View photo.
  • As the trays are one piece moldings there are no more pop rivets to come out through poor assembly or corrosion resulting in a much more functional tray
  • The tray is also available in 800mm size for BQ,NQ & HQ with the same number of rows allowing a reduction in the loaded weight of the tray for health and safety reasons.
  • As the trays interlock when empty this reduces the cost of transportation to site particularly where access is poor and significantly reduces transit damage. View photo.
  • Depending on work load we endeavor to keep all sizes of tray ex-stock so can generally give favorable lead times.
  • The container utilization and packing stability is excellent so the tray is ideally suited for export and have been sent as far a field as Eastern Europe

2,500 Impala 1 Core Trays per 20ft standard container

5,000 Impala 1 Core Trays per 40ft standard container

Loose packed View photo , alternatively we can get 4,400 trays pallet stacked in a 40ft Highqube – The exact qty loose packed will vary based on size mix View photo.

Core Tray Specs for 1 meter “Impala 1” Core Trays

(For 800mm trays reduce the length by 200mm all other dimensions remain the same) External dimensions as follows – all trays are full core height and hold exactly 1 meter of core unless in 800 mm format for reduced tray weight

BQ Imp1  8 Rows  47mm x 416mm x 1060mm  2.04Kg
NQ2 Imp1  6 Rows 65mm x 414mm x 1064mm  2.20Kg
HQ Imp1  5 Rows 73mm x 414mm x 1060mm  2.20Kg
PQ Imp1  4 Rows 95mm x 423mm x 1060mm  2.36Kg

Pallets of trays @ 100/pallet packed on 1100mm x 1100mm pine pallets :
Pallets are approximately 20Kg and are about 140mm High.

BQ Imp1 1100mm x 1100mm x 1070mm 224Kg (including pallet)
NQ2 Imp1 1100mm x 1100mm x 1070mm 240Kg
HQ Imp1 1100mm x 1100mm x 1240mm 240Kg
PQ Imp1 1100mm x 1100mm x 1430mm 256Kg

NB Trays may be packed on plastic pallets for export in to countries that require fumigation of wood reducing export costs.

Core blocks are packed in bags of 500 pcs and bag weights are as follows :

PQ blocks – 10.7 Kg (PQ packed in bags of 250 pcs)

HQ blocks – 12.6 Kg

NQ blocks – 8.3 Kg

BQ blocks – 5.14 Kg