Stacking trays ideal for economic bulk storage of core

Distributed exclusively by Westernex

Impala 2 is made from the same highly specified UV stabilized reinforced polypropylene as Impala 1 core tray with over 15 years proven performance in the field when comparing please note the weight of our trays which is indicative of the section (wall thickness) – Impala 2 trays have been designed to be more robust than competitive trays.

Impala 2 trays are available in BQ, NQ2, HQ & PQ (See Diamond Core Size Chart) with clip in core markers available for each size. We also make purpose made plastic lids for each size of tray available with clips to attach & remove quickly.

Each tray takes a standard size aluminum identification tag in the pocket provided one at each end of the tray conveniently located between the lifting handles.

Core trays

Download the Plastic Core Tray Impala 2 PDF


Trays hold exactly 1 meter of core per row and are designed to be fully interchangeable with each other for core size changes mid-pallet.

BQ Imp2 6 Rows 53mm x 390mm x 1075mm 2.7 Kg
NQ2 Imp2 5 Rows 67mm x 390mm x 1075mm 2.36 Kg
HQ Imp2 4 Rows 80mm x 390mm x 1075mm 2.44 Kg
PQ Imp2 3 Rows 100mm x 390mm x 1075mm 3.1 Kg


Pallets of Impala 2 are packed as per the table below on 1100 x 1100mm pine pallets (weights below include the pallet)

BQ Imp2 1100mm x 1100mm x 1660mm 290 Kg packed 100/pallet
NQ2 Imp2 1100mm x 1100mm x 2010mm 261 Kg packed 102/pallet
HQ Imp2 1100mm x 1100mm x 1980mm 218 Kg packed 81/pallet
PQ Imp2 1100mm x 1100mm x 1975mm 215 Kg packed 63/pallet

Full container utilization

BQ Imp2 20ft Container – 1520 40ft Container – 3140
NQ2 Imp2 20ft Container – 1255 40ft Container – 2580
HQ Imp2 20ft Container – 1060 40ft Container – 2180
PQ Imp2 20ft Container – 730 40ft Container – 1500

Core Saws

Core sawImpala Plastics recommend Almonte Diamond Pty Ltd core saws.

The benefits of the Almonte Core Saw:

  • Automatic operation.
  • Continual core feed allows the operator to cut off samples virtually hands free with ease and without suffering fatigue. Safe continuous operation is now a reality.
  • Increased productivity due to reduced operator physical stress that enables faster results and higher turnaround.

Learn more about the original Australian automatic core saw –