The smoothest conveyor tray on the market

Distributed exclusively by Westernex

Our most recent patented innovation is the Impala 3 Core Tray. The totally new registered design is based on 20 years specific manufacturing experience and major input from customers requirements and interaction on plastic core trays. Particular attention has been given to achieving excellent roller conveyor movement in any orientation, whilst still maintaining perfect support of the core when placed in the tray. This prevents fracturing/rolling of the core, so accurate logging is not adversely affected.

Impala 3 conveyor trays are available in NQ2, HQ & PQ (See Diamond Core Size Chart) with clip in core markers available for each size. We also make purpose made plastic lids for each size of tray available with clips to attach & remove quickly.

Each conveyor tray takes a standard size aluminium identification tag in the pocket provided one at each end of the tray conveniently located between the lifting handles.

Designed to be the most stable tray when stacked

  • The all round handle will assist with manoeuvring / orientating the conveyor tray on conveyor rollers
  • Designed to be the safest, with a continuous handle all around with no sharp ridges underneath that will help prevent wrist strain
  • Strong rigid design which reduces flexing
  • Excellent sealing when trays are stacked to avoid contamination
  • Trays lock tightly together, which also gives superior stacking stability (with vertical wall on wall design)
  • Excellent strength in the design for stacking securely onto pallets and enable banding without distorting
  • Each row holds a full 1m of core, with recess for ease of access to remove
  • Manufactured at Impala’s fully equipped manufacturing facility using the latest equipment, so stock is always ready to go

Download the Plastic Core Tray Impala 3 PDF

Core Tray Video


NQ2 Imp3 5 Rows 67mm x 390mm x 1085mm 2.30 Kg
HQ Imp3 4 Rows 75mm x 390mm x 1085mm 2.30 Kg
PQ Imp3 3 Rows 95mm x 390mm x 1085mm 2.55 Kg


Pallets of Impala 3 core trays are packed as per the table below on 1100 x 1100mm pine pallets (weights below include the pallet)

NQ2 Imp3 1100mm x 1100mm x 2015mm 255 Kg packed 102/pallet
HQ Imp3 1100mm x 1100mm x 1990mm 206 Kg packed 81/pallet
PQ Imp3 1100mm x 1100mm x 1995mm 181 Kg packed 63/pallet

Full container utilization

NQ2 Imp3 20ft Container – 1200 40ft Container – 2530
HQ Imp3 20ft Container – 1070 40ft Container – 2200
PQ Imp3 20ft Container – 715 40ft Container – 1485