The smoothest conveyor tray on the market

Distributed exclusively by Westernex

Specifically designed to have the minimum foot print for ease of use, safe handling & storage whilst maintaining the maximum core capacity in a very strong conveyor friendly tray.

Impala 4 conveyor friendly core trays are covered by full patent & design registration & available in NQ2 & HQ  (See Diamond Core Size Chart) with clip in core markers available for each size. We also make purpose made plastic lids for each size of tray available with clips to attach & remove quickly.

Each conveyor tray takes a standard size aluminium identification tag in the pocket provided one at each end of the tray conveniently located between the lifting handles.

A very strong conveyor friendly tray

  • Patented / Design registered ridged base construction allowing the tray to glide smoothly with a minimum of noise in any orientation
  • All round handle for easy lifting without wrist strain associated with traditional core trays in our all new core tray
  • Drainage holes
  • Wide ribs giving ample space for writing and marking
  • Trays lock together for safe stable storage
  • Smallest footprint with maximum core storage storage
  • Core is properly cradled in the half round sections to prevent rolling and damage
  • Holders at each end designed to take normal labels or RayTrac RFID tags
  • The tray is manufactured in a material for temperate climates to +55 Deg C as standard
  • It can be supplied in a material that is suitable for climates that are cold to extreme cold -50 Deg C to order

Download the Plastic Core Tray Impala 4 PDF

Core Tray Video


NQ2 Imp4 5 Rows 67mm x 390mm x 1000mm 2.20 Kg
HQ Imp4 4 Rows 75mm x 390mm x 1000mm 2.36 Kg
PQ Imp4 3 Rows 95mm x 390mm x 1000mm 2.46 Kg


Pallets of Impala 4 core trays are packed as per the table below on 1100 x 1100mm pine pallets (weights below include the pallet)

NQ2 Imp4 1100mm x 1100mm x 2015mm 245 Kg packed 102/pallet
HQ Imp4 1100mm x 1100mm x 1975mm 211 Kg packed 81/pallet
PQ Imp4 1100mm x 1100mm x 1955mm 175 Kg packed 63/pallet

Full container utilization

NQ2 Imp4 20ft Container – 1200 40ft Container – 2530
HQ Imp4 20ft Container – 1070 40ft Container – 2200
PQ Imp4 20ft Container – 715 40ft Container – 1485